Communications systems between organizations and the people within have changed dramatically over the last 10 years. At Project Wheel we have been actively involved with these changes and have been helping our clients choose the best solution that improves their communications. In the past when there were mobile workforces and multiple sites, communicating between them took time.

When the first technology to link them together became available it was very expensive and so it was only large business that could afford the investment; however over recent years, with the reduction in cost of connecting sites through fixed circuits and the advent of broadband, midsize and smaller organisations are now making use of this technology, although many have only just started to realise the real benefits.

At Project Wheel we have been helping clients with their communications from our inception and have the experience and expertise to deliver. So whether you are a small site with a few users or a large, multi-site operation, our experienced team of consultants and fully qualified engineers will work with you to select and implement the optimum solution for your organisation.